Managing Editor: RootsRated, Outdoor Insight, Cross Country Skier, Twin Cities Sports

Contributing Editor: Outdoor Industry Association, Snowsports Industries America,

Editorial Director: Outdoor Business, Hunting Business, Sporting Goods Business,Team Business

“I worked with Lou for more than a year at RootsRated, collaborating with him on a variety of different projects that involved writing, editing, and managing writers. I have to say, in my 20-year career as a writer, he is one of my favorite editors to have worked with.

Lou’s management style was extremely inclusive. He made everyone on his team feel as though their opinion was important, and that it mattered. He listened. Because of this, he earned the loyalty of his staff and made it so everyone wanted to do, and did, their best work for him.

In addition to his excellent ability to manage people, Lou’s knowledge of his craft was evident. He is very aware of how the publishing process, online and in print, works, and was able to bring this to the table and help steer the company’s decisions. I learned a great deal from him during my time on his team.

Finally, he’s fun to work with. He was always positive and upbeat. He responded very quickly to any questions or concerns about projects we were working on together.”

Suzanne Loring